Oney Arms specializes in custom firearms. We consult with the client to discuss their ideas and needs for the firearm they are wishing to purchase. Unlike a mass produced factory firearm, we review all parts options with the client and custom build the firearm just for them. Most firearm enthusiast will purchase a factory firearm and replace the parts with the custom parts they desire. Unbeknown to them, this is a much more expensive way to go. Let us help you to customize your firearm and save you money.

Our certified gunsmith offers firearm repair services on most firearms, such as cleaning, scope mounting, parts replacement, barrel threading and recoil pads.


Florida Firearm Services is a sister company that offers a variety of firearm finishes and gunsmith services to our customers. Our firearm finishes include DuraCoat, blueing, and Parkerizing. Our Certified Gunsmiths can do repairs and customizations on most firearms.

  • DuraCoat is a durable, rust resistant firearm finish that is sprayed on like paint and then baked in an oven to cure. We have DuraCoated knives, gun cases to match your firearm pattern, and even sunglasses.
  • Bluing is the most commonly used process of manufacturers to finish firearms and protect them from rusting. Bluing can be applied to a firearm in a matte, semi-gloss, and high-gloss finish.
  • Parkerizing is another finish used on firearms to prevent rust, increase lubricity and scratch resistance.


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